I’m a book reviewer and freelance writer who’s been given the opportunity to live with a friend in Scotland for six months. He had a free room in his house and made the offer. I’d have had to be an idiot not to take him up on that.

Spoiler: I’m not an idiot.

Chris and I have known each other four years, met a couple times, chatted and texted. Divorced and in our 50s, kids grown, we share many interests in common. Writing, photography and travel top the list, as well as an affinity for mainly British writers and literature.

Keeping things interesting is the fact we don’t always see eye to eye. How boring if we did.

If we get along over the course of these next few months, who knows? Meanwhile, we’ll be traveling the UK, writing and taking pictures and making videos – that last bit’s mostly him, but I’ll be along for the ride. It’s my mission to raise the profile of Scottish writers, attend book events and see what I can get going freelancing on this side of the pond.

My Highland Fling is my story of uprooting my life in Chicago, taking a leap to see what happens.